3 Bras: Rating & Slating

Sunday, 22 January 2017

The Women's March has just been. I wish I had gone, but I didn't, so instead I thought I would write a jokey blog post on different bra types to encourage the feminist feels currently circulating online. Despite this being a satirical blog post, I hope everybody really takes into account what the Women's March was all about and how important it is that we rock our sexuality and don't allow men to ever make us feel anything less than 100% equal to themselves. It feels like we've gone back 100 years by having someone like Trump elected as President, but the good news is that it can only get better from here. (Because it honestly can't get any worse.)
 Without further adieu..

These are the three bras I decided to rate and compare. I have a black Adidas Sports Bra, a Floral BHS (RIP) Bra, and a black lace Anne Summers Bra. (Which has not been worn since trampier University days.. you'll soon see why.)

The Sports Bra

Good For:
Mud wrestling
Looking skinny in a t-shirt
Getting away with buying a child's bus pass

Would repeat, seriously useful for the right occasion. (Mostly at the gym, occasionally on buses.)

The Everyday Bra

Good For:
Falling asleep accidentally in
Everyday comfort
Putting money in on a night out
Keeping your nips warm in a draft

Comfort is key.

The Push-Up Bra

Good For:
Getting tips at a bar
Balancing things on your boobs 
Kylie Jenner lookalike conventions
False advertising
Attracting boys your parents would disapprove of in nightclubs
Impromptu nap pillow for sleepy friends

Feel like a phoney and serves minimal actual purpose for someone like me

Did you march this weekend? What's your favourite bra type? Let me know!

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