People Don't Know How To Vote... & Then Complain About It.

Saturday, 10 June 2017

Hung Parliament was always an option, regardless of whether it was on the ballot paper or not. If you didn't consider this when you put your vote in that box, you made a big mistake.

I may be a little biased, but I've always championed that Politics should be taught as a mandatory subject for a couple of years at school, and this is exactly why. How many people bothered to look up their constituency stronghold? How many people voted tactically, rather than just for the party they wanted? This is as much about keeping a party out as getting the other in, when we're in the two-party-system we've found ourselves in.

And then the day arrived and Conservatives had one million votes more than Labour. Not enough for a majority in the house, but still - 1 million  more people wanted them in power. And now they are, and everyone's kicking off about it?!

Do you want a democracy or not? Because recently to me, Facebook is reflecting the idea that nobody gives a flying fuck about democracy or about what anyone wants other than themselves. This is an inherently selfish society we are living in, when people are point-blank refusing to accept the results of a vote.

Sturgeon calling for a second Scottish Referendum. Erm, we had that already? If people voting didn't take into account that we might have left the EU, then that's their own fault.
The richness of the fact that the party that literally dons the word 'democratic' in their name is pushing for another Brexit referendum is absolutely baffling. We did the vote, we lost, get over it. More people want to be out than in and that's the way it is! You can't just keep going until you get the result you want!

Yes, we should have been given more information, yes, we didn't know the terms we were signing up to... but a shit ton of us still went to the voting booth and made a decision anyway!

And now we have a petition circling for Theresa May to step down. Theresa May, whose party got 1 million more votes than Labour. Who are any of you to decide that your opinion is more important than those 13,667,213 other people's?! 

Or is it because she's formed an alliance with the DUP that you want her out? Well guess what - you should have thought about this when you voted. As I said, the rate that Labour's campaign picked up a hung parliament was clearly in the running to happen, and if anyone bothered to sit down and think about this they would have realised that the 'coalition of chaos' that May kept shoving down everyone's throats was actually going to be led by her. The Lib Dems have stated several times they were never going to ally with the Tories following their shitshow in 2010, the SNP would probably rather poop in their hands and clap then help the Tories, the Greens and UKIP don't have enough seats... and here we are.

So to summarise, if you don't get the result you were looking for, have respect for all those people who did vote for it and think about how pissed off you would be if your vote won and then everyone kicked off and they changed their minds and the government changed. Stop being selfish. You have your reasons to vote for your party, and they have their reasons for voting theirs. I'm tired of everyone thinking that their political opinion is the 'right' one, or that it makes them a better person than anyone else. These are the results WE voted for - deal with it.

And a disclaimer before everyone comments calling me a Tory C u next tuesday, (as I get a lot) - after May's shambolic campaigning and reading both manifestos carefully, I voted for Labour this year. The same way I voted for Remain in Brexit. So it hasn't gone my way either.
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