Monday, 21 August 2017

The Relaunch of CallieKazumi


Blogging got forgotten about for a long time. Life got really full-on and I haven't had any time for myself to do what I love - writing.

On top of this, I felt a little lost style-wise. When I started this as a fashion blog five years ago I was at university and my style was both a horrific mix of clashing prints and colours and yet totally 'me'. In the last year or so whilst focusing on my career, my style fell by the wayside and nothing felt worth posting.

My wardrobe was full, but nothing made me feel excited to get dressed or good about myself. My style had become boring, comfortable and... *shudders* practical.   In a world where I'm working with the most fashionable women in London every day... to say I felt like a Plain Jane at this stage would be an understatement.

Enter: The Curated Closet. The ultimate guide to rediscovering your style and building a wardrobe to match.   Au revoir, crappy cotton t-shirt that I don't even like but wear 4 times a week.

So  I rediscovered my sense of style and decided it was time to relaunch my blog with more regular posting, better imagery, and a new design.

I've archived the majority of all my old posts for fresh starts all round - I'll toast to that (obvs).

To catch you guys up on what I've been up to and how I've changed so dramatically that it warrants archiving 300 blog posts... a walk through my Instagram, from the start of my blog until now. Brace yourselves.

  • I got a puppy called Draco Malfoy. He is my one true love.
  • I was living in Scotland (but disliking Irn Bru and haggis).
  • I was dressing like an urban 15 year old boy.
  • I had a lot of piercings and holes in my face.
  • I went out a lot.

  • I graduated from University.
  • I was interning at fashion magazines and doing the Devil Wears Prada thing.
  • I started dressing more like an adult, albeit still with clashing colours & prints.
  •  I moved to London where my asthma got precisely 70% worse due to pollution.
  • I met Steven.
  • I had the fullest of fringes & a dodgy ombre.
  • I lost the facial piercings much to the relief of my parents.
  • I discovered my affections for red wine.

  • I was working at Jack Wills HQ as a Copywriter where we ate a lot of party food.
  • I stopped wearing colour in a bid to look more sophisticated.
  • I fell in love with Paris.
  • I ditched the fringe.
  • I was working at Miss Selfridge HQ on Digital Content & Social Media .
  • I moved in with Steven.
  • I discovered my love for girly bohemian style.
  • I went to Disneyworld and it was magical.
  • We got a house bunny - Pixie Lopp.
  • I got a Scholarship for a Masters in Political Marketing which I do in the evenings for lols.
  • I got a job as Head of Fashion at the coolest East London agency ever.
  • I got sad about my big forehead and reintroduced a (less heavy) fringe into my life.
  • I bleached my hair. (RIP.)

So I guess that's my recent history all condensed into bullet-points and dodgy instagram selfies. I want my blog to continue being a place where I can document my ever-changing style, alongside a political rant or two. I hope you'll stick with me through it all!


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