Sunday, 17 September 2017

15 Fears

1. Bumping into my exes when I look like shit.

2. Spiders.

3. Someone finding my entire life-worth of internet history.

4. Liking someone's photo from 48 weeks ago on Instagram.

5. What the doctor would say if I told the truth when they ask how many units of alcohol I drink in a week.

6. Hangovers.

7. The biscuit breaking when I dip it in my tea.

8. Farting at the gym.

9. Domino's being delivered without the extra dip.

10. Discovering an intolerance to cheese.

11. Going for a handshake when they go for a hug.

12. Thinking my headphones are plugged in but they aren't so everyone knows I sit listening to the Legally Blonde broadway musical soundtrack in my spare time.

13. Discovering my boyfriend is secretly one of those people who argues with strangers on celebrity Instagram pages.

14. My foot somehow getting caught on the escalators in the tube station and my leg ripping off when it reaches the bottom.

15. Falling instantly in love with the driver of a white van when he shouts out the window at me and then him driving away and me never seeing him again.


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