Friday, 20 October 2017

Florida Photo Diary

As most of you probably know from my instagram account, Steven and I have just returned from Florida where we went out to see his Mum.  We've been a few times before and whilst I wouldn't really recommend it (it's a very bizarre state), it was lovely to get some sunshine, have a break off work and relax. This is going to be a super image-heavy post, so bear with me. 

Best part of the trip: visiting the beautiful St.Augustine and staying in a beach cottage. Very instagrammable, but also you could lay on the beach all day long because a breeze meant it was never too hot. The sea was warm, the people were friendly and our cottage had a private strip of beach so we were totally on our own which was nice.

This was me on said private beach and the blue house I'm pointing at is where we stayed. There was a little hammock and outdoor sofa bit where we had breakfast which was delivered for us in a picnic basket. Yeah, I know, stop with the cute.  


 Let's all take a minute to appreciate Steven's abnormally long and lean legs. Giselle, is that you?

Cliche White Girl & Pool Float Gram.


I got a tattoo. Not on a whim, I booked a few months before. Stay tuned for the reveal (it's still a little scabby...) 

Me before said tattoo, snapped in all my glory by my instagram boyfriend. (Just kidding, he's a logistcs analyst, but you probably can't tell by how great this photo of me is.)

Being classy as usual.

 Wearing some overpriced pants/trousers from Free People drinking rose and being everything I hate.

And some scenic pictures of me in front of the prettiest trees I'd ever seen and in St Augustine town center.

7 things I would like you all to know about my trip:

1. I didn't brush my hair for pretty much the entire time and it basically became one large dreadlock
2. I got drunk and cried in front of Steven's mum but it's cool because wine was 9 bucks for a litre and a half
3. I didn't tan at all.
4. I ate a burger basically every day until I discovered Publix Subs - oh my God.
5. It isn't as easy to take a sexy photo on a blow-up pool unicorn as people make it look.
6. Cracker Barrel is both the best and worst place I have ever been in my entire life.
7. I spent a hundred quid in Michaels on llama-related stationery. I regret nothing.


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