Sunday, 12 November 2017

Blog Change: Quantity Over Quality.

The glasses are fake, the freckles are fake, the lips, surprisingly, are not.

Welcome to episode 507 of Callie's blogger breakdowns. Today we discuss the fact what I am about to tell you means you will probably all unfollow me in the next 24 hours.

But a mere 2.5 months ago I 'relaunched' my blog, whacked up some shiny new blog posts, and then proceeded to lose all inspiration, get bored and do nothing again. I have already discussed all the reasons I cba to even attempt to be a fashion blogger anymore, but it has left my blog in an odd predicament: what the fuck is the point of even having it because I don't use it for anything.

This morning I was lying in bed thinking about heartbreak and breakfasts (as most of my Sunday morning's start) and I decided to do something a little different with this platform.

When I was a kid I kept a diary. I started age 8 where I would call all my teachers 'bitches' and use smiley face stickers as indicators of my mood. As I grew older it would change into soppy and frankly repulsive photographs of my ex boyfriends and talking about how much I drank in a field at the weekend. (A lot, FYI.) I stopped keeping a diary when I went to university because frankly, I was too drunk to write 90% of the time and when I was sober enough to hold a pen I was using it to actually pass my degree. 

So, here's the plan. I guess this blog is going to become more of a diary for me. I'll be posting way more often and it is nearly all going to be shit that nobody cares about. 

What you aren't going to be getting:
- AD posts, unless someone has a product that will help me get my shit together mentally and physically. 
-  Decent photographs of me because I hate getting them taken by other people and I have better things to do at the weekends than play dress-up awkwardly in the streets. 
- Shop The Look posts, because frankly, who cares. I literally don't even dress well. Here's a timesaver, the only places I shop are Urban Outfitters, Zara and ASOS. My favourite brand is Free People. I buy my shoes from Topshop or Office. And there is literally nothing in-between, so if I'm wearing something you like, it's from one of those places, guaranteed. 

What you can expect:
- Long rants and ramblings of a delusional psychopath. Sounds like Mein Kampf, I know.
- Mirror selfies because they are time-saving and I look the same as I would in any other format of photograph.
- Snapchat selfies because I downloaded it this weekend and the filters are on fire tbh.
- Posts where I slag off everyone who wrongs me. This is not a burn book, but it's not the bible either.
- At least 2 posts a week saying I'm fat and need to lose weight followed by a photo diary of My Time At McDonalds.
- Probably two posts per week saying I loathe Steven and he is a festering pussicle followed by three labelling him The Best Guy Ever.
- A lot of hormonal imbalances in written format. (Note to self: Can PMS be detected via blog posts? Research.) 
- Probably a lot of horror stories from my youth and throwback Thursday's that we all wish were forgotten.

So, there you have it. If you came here for high-quality content, fashion or anything remotely classy,  this isn't the place to be. If you want to watch a person slowly break down in a similar fashion to 2008 Britney, then grab a cup of tea. (Rhyme much?) 


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