Sunday, 26 November 2017

Finding the white rabbit

This week was a roller-coaster of emotions. One minute I was contemplating drinking bleach whilst lying in bed with matted hair and suffering the worst panic attacks, the next I was a boss ass bitch who was excited about the new possibilities ahead of me whilst dancing around my bedroom to Amy Winehouse in my nicest underwear.  I would alternate between these two states every other day, it was pretty exhausting. (Both for myself and my poor friends.) 

So this weekend me and Steven hung out a lot and did the happiest of things - everything Christmas.

All you scrooges who are moaning it's not December yet.. there's no rules for Christmas and if I want to drink mulled wine and listen to Christmas carols in November I will. And I did. And it was great.

Here we are on the train, not talking to each other at all and being on our phones as all 20-something's like to do for company.

We walked from London Bridge to Southbank (unplanned, but Steven has no idea where he is going ever and we ended up in the wrong place) but it was actually so nice to just be out and walking and not feeling so wound up.

South Bank is actually one of my favourite places in London, I love the second hand book market to kill time and if it's freezing, there's a huge Foyles which I like to browse about in too. So we were walking along and I came across this poet and the whole concept was just so lovely and romantic that I gave him some money for a poem. He asked what I wanted it to be about and I told him I wanted it to be about finding happiness - something that's felt like a struggle for the last year but I'm optimistic for the future. He wrote me the loveliest poem and it honestly made my day. 

Supporting independent writers, poets and artists is so important to me but I love to do it because you know you will always get something thoughtful and beautiful at the end of it.

After that we got the obligatory overpriced mulled wine from one of the stalls (seriously, a cup is a fiver and you can get an entire bottle from Sains for £3... something we did on the way home).

 (Handsome bugger ain't he.) 

Then we came home and carried on with our festive vibes and put the tree up, because why not.
All in all I had a really lovely day and it pulled me out of my downward spiral and I can't wait for tomorrow because I have lots of exciting things planned and two interviews to prep for. (No word from the dildo people yet but keep your fingers crossed for me.)


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