Sunday, 3 December 2017

Breakdown Over, Life Update Time

My breakdown appears to be over, I can't take full credit as much as the fact that my doctor doubled my medication dose but either way it's uphill from here.

Life update time:

After further inspections I can confirm with much confidence I do have two boobs and the uniboob fear is over. A relief for many of you I'm sure.

My dissertation is no further along than it was two weeks ago and I have nobody to blame but myself at this stage. 

On the work front I am not much closer to finding my dream job, but I am freelancing a few times a week at Matches for the forseeable future which will cover my rent easily and also buy me more time to find the right next move for me, so that's a definite positive.

The people have been super lovely and friendly which is nice because a lot of the time people don't take any time to speak to freelancers as they know generally you're in and out the door alongside a bunch of others. It's nice to get more experience in luxury fashion as well, thickening out the portfolio and all that jazz.

Plus, it's in the Shard which means I can feel fancy AF heading into work and can lunch at Borough Market.

I bought some repulsive pink shoes on Black Friday. I would like to blame the meds and say I wasn't in my right mind but if we're being honest with ourselves I think they're kind of fun.

I discovered the most golden voice in all the world on Youtube and can't stop listening to her original songs.

And other than that I've been my usual over-emotional self getting drunk at midday watching five hours straight of gossip girl and crying when Chuck tells Blair he loves her because romance is all I need in my life.

I need to get a fucking grip.


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