Thursday, 22 February 2018


At the weekend I took my BFF to Brighton. She is literally the only good thing to have come from my previous job. She's French (AKA Classy AF, can't you tell by her -faux- fur jacket?) and had never been before, so we did all the cliche things minus the pier because it's hell on earth. We went to the beach, ate fish and chips, did some vintage shopping and peeped all the graffiti.

We also stayed at my parents house and I introduced her like a new boyfriend, delighting in her cultural exotic and witty banter. We drank a lot of wine and it was great. 

Apart from that nothing has happened recently because I'm working 8-6.30 and by the time I get home and cook dinner I'm basically ready for bed. I will update you accordingly the next time something unfortunate happens in my life.

As a side note I noticed that smushed pavement worms resemble slithers of human flesh. Make of this what you will.


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