Tuesday, 13 February 2018

Galentine's Day - 10 Girls to Thank

Whilst I am in a happy relationship with a handsome man who is celebrating February 14th in the best way possible (with a packet of 50 dumplings and home-made dipping sauces because Gyoza is so good), I wanted to take a minute to appreciate all my gal pals.

It's the day for celebrating love, and our girlfriends are so special to us. They're with us through all our ups and downs and support us through things no man could stand to do. So I'm taking a minute to thank some special girls, some are new friends, some are old, some are distant and some are close. But today is about love and I wanted to take a minute to say thank you and I love you to the following girls, partly for the following reasons.

1. Amy, for assuring me my boobs are not abnormal, and for not hating me when I got drunk and cried at your dad's wedding. Also for letting me stay with you when my mam kicked me out that time even though I had a puppy and he was pooping everywhere.

2. Abi, for always inviting me to things even though I usually flake because of my anxiety and for standing up for me when that girl with fake boobs keyed my car at school.

3. Daisy, for making me pee my pants with laughter always, even when I'm mad at Steven, by offering plans to 'spike his shower gel with ketamine.' Also for spooning me when we take naps and for telling me when my ex was shagging someone else.

4. Paige, for allowing me to live my best single life vicariously through your sordid Tinder tales until you found your man. And for always being up for a Wine Wednesday.

5. Amber, for always keeping me grounded and for being my right-hand-gal at viscous Sample Sales.  Also your shopping advice is the best and I would probably be richer but sadder without it.

6. April, for always going for a drink during hard times and for your expressive facial movements, which make every story you tell 10000x better than anything else. Also for eating so much junk with Amber and I. Also for ordering that huge platter the other day and not giving a fuck because it was great.

7.  Jess, for always being on the end of the phone to listen to my many breakdowns and for keeping my lady garden in check whilst at university. Also for forcing me to go surfing that time - I won't ever repeat it but I don't regret it. 

8. Gina, for being my members club partner in crime, for giving me all the gossip on Ed Westwick and any other celebrities from your PR circuit and for getting drunk with my parents randomly that time.

9. Orianne, for helping me find a new job, for constantly updating me on your love life, for always being up for a girls night and for generally keeping me sane and always being there to listen and give solid (sassy) advice.

10. Jordan, for always making the time to see me when you're back from Aus, and updating me on your love life because it's my favourite. Also for being so sassy at uni. And for letting me live with you that time in Leyton even though your flatmates were psychos.

I could go on forever with more amazing ladies and all my thanks and love. But 10 was a nice even number so I stopped. I hope you all have the best Vday ever. XXX MWAH

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