Thursday, 1 February 2018

In Defence of the Selfie

The other day at work we were scanning competitor instagram accounts and an onslaught of selfie disapproval began. The word 'conceited' was used before I awkwardly announced I was a big fan of a selfie and everyone should stop being so judgemental. The conversation moved away and it got me thinking - women shouldn't be ashamed or made to feel narcissistic for taking selfies.

If I put together a great outfit that doesn't look like my usual binbag attire, I want to share it with my friends. If I actually look decent and put in the effort to use the £100 worth of makeup sat in my bag, then by God I am going to document the shit out of it.

The thing about social media is people have the ability to send out a representation of themselves as they want to be seen. Sometimes it can get a bit fake, but if me taking a photo of myself in a mirror when I think I look nice to share with my friends so they know that I'm not a fucking slob, (contrary to what their eyes would inform them every time they come to my house and I greet them with a face-full of spots, hair in a bun and wearing a tracksuit) makes me conceited, then fine - I know which representation I want to be pushing!

We should all learn to love ourselves a little more, and since when did liking your face enough to document it become a terrible thing? I don't like my face 99% of the time. Nobody does. Everyone has days where they feel self conscious, and want to hide under the duvet because their skin is saggy AF. (Or is that just my oriental genes? I don't know. I just know my skin gets really saggy some days.)

So on the days when you feel you look like a rockstar, take a pic, and share it. Because girls like me will see it and double tap it, because I like the fact you're unashamedly selfie-ing. You do your thing boo, love yourself and never be ashamed.

GTG now, gonna go take a selfie!


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