Thursday, 12 April 2018

Project Updates - Digital Spring Cleaning

Aloha my wonderful people.

I recently removed my blog address from my Instagram and was touched to see my blog views haven't dropped, so I guess you're all regular readers checking back in. Thank you!!

I just wanted to do a little update on all my projects and where to find me online, so you can keep up with me easier and potentially find more platforms you're interested in!
I have my fingers in a lot of pies (so to speak. I have no actual pies, unfortunately), and decided to relook at everything properly and have a digital spring clean.

1. My Book.
If you don't know, I am writing a fictional novel. The idea has festered inside me for a few years and I spent a year or so planning everything out excessively, and now that it's come down to writing it, my planning has paid off and it's getting done very quickly.

This is something I'm the most excited about, but as you can imagine it's dominating pretty much every free moment I have, and I'm constantly writing or planning ahead. I'm currently just over half-way through my first draft, and will likely look to self publish and market it when I'm finished via Amazon, so this is currently my most important & exciting project and what is taking up the majority of my time. Website & more info TBC!

2. My Blog.
This blog is taking a back-seat to the book currently, but I'll still be dropping in and leaving little personal updates whenever anything of note happens. I'd hope to be posting here around once a week, if not just to keep you guys in the loop. It's being used as a sort of word-vomit diary space, and is no longer being advertised on my other platforms as it's more personal now. Hoping to get more jokey posts going out too when I get more time - I know they're the firm favourites!

3. Jailed Spirits.
Jailed Spirits is now redundant. I really did love it and the concept behind it, but realistically it's too big a project for the time I'm willing to devote to it. It served it's purpose and gave me something to focus and motivate myself for when I lost my job, but between everything else I'm doing now alongside working 9-6 everyday, I just don't have time to invest in it properly. It will stay live though, as will it's Instagram for anyone who wants to check back for anything!

4. Social Media.
Steven deleted all his social media this week, and it really got me thinking. Social media really isn't something I'm enjoying anymore. I used to have to use it for work every day, but now I don't it's really just a mindless way to procrastinate and compare my life to other people's.

Facebook  - I will be keeping my facebook for event information and to let people know when my book is completed, but otherwise won't be posting or checking it and will be deleting it from my phone.

Instagram - I won't be posting as much on Instagram. If I'm honest, it was my favourite platform but since being bought over I really don't like the updates, especially the increasing amount of sponsored posts I'm getting. Working in influencer marketing sort of ruined the blogger industry for me as well, seeing the bitchy people behind it and the amount of staging and money behind everything has made the pictures a lot less magical for me, and it doesn't really inspire me anymore.

Twitter - I'll carry on using this sporadically. Follow me there if you want to see my self-depricating rambling in 140 characters or less.

And I guess these are all the best places to follow me and the expectations for when to expect posts! Let me know your thoughts, as you're the ones that matter most.


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