In 1992 Callie entered the world butt-naked, and has been fully-clothed ever since. (Thank God.) 

She survived school by blending into the crowds and relying on witty sarcasm to get her through the days. She spent a lot of time at home lying on the floor and discussing The Meaning Of Life with her dogs. She did not know that eyebrow pencils were a thing until the age of 20.

She studied Journalism and Politics at university where she learnt how to start a blog and how to drink Tesco's own vodka straight.  She graduated and won awards for her dissertation, in which dissected framings in The Bible (Cosmopolitan Magazine). It was published and she wore no trousers when she took the author's photo for the back cover.

She is a strong believer, proud advocator and solemn enforcer of the Wine Wednesday's movement.

She is doing a Masters part-time in Political Marketing and has no fucking idea why she is doing this. She (again) wore no trousers during the Skype interview and felt liberated when offered a scholarship - the two were surely linked.
She lives with her boyfriend and their house rabbit, Pixie Lopp. She is a freelancer writer when she has time, which is basically never.

Her WPM count is 100, and this is perhaps her only true talent.

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